SMC Personnel Elevator Features and Options


Landing Doors and Frames


  • Furnished as standard equipment for all landings.
  • Landing doors to protect hoistway openings.
  • Left or right hand swing.
  • Interlocks or electro-mechanical locking devices as required by elevator code. Locks landing door when car leaves landing.
  • All steel construction mounted in heavy angle iron steel frames.
  • Door closer (self-closing doors).
  • Electric contact will not allow car to move until door is closed.
  • Push-Pull handles inside and outside.


  • Class "B" fire rated.


Landing Enclosures

  • Landing Enclosures

Control Panel


  • Pre-wired to a numbered terminal strip.
  • Fused disconnect with lock-out switch.
  • Panel is designed to accept any street side 3 phase voltage.
  • Includes all the latest electrical safety devices required by elevator codes.
  • Control circuit transformer, phase reverse phase failure relay.
  • Anti-welding relay and overload protection.

OPTIONAL: SINGLE AUTOMATIC OPERATION: If provided - Single Automatic Operation by mean of one button in the car for each landing served and one button at each landing, so arranged that if any car or landing button has been actuated the actuation of any other car or landing operating button will have no effect on the operation of the car until the response to the first button has been completed.

SOFT START and SOFT STOP are standard features for the Single Automatic Operation Control.


Guards removed for photos.
Do not operate without guards.

Hoist Assembly


  • Inverter duty motor.
  • Available in totally enclosed fan cooled or explosion proof.
  • Electric magnetic brake.
  • All rotating parts protected by guards. (Guards removed for photos.)
  • Assembly factory mounted on heavy channel iron frame.
  • Replacement wire rope traction sheaves in stock.
  • See Service Parts and Accessories for additional in stock hoist assembly replacement parts.

Pre-engineered factory assembled towers are ideal for locations where no inside hoistways are available.

These towers can be furnished as open framework or with a factory installed enclosure.

All towers are provided with emergency escape ladders which run the entire length of the hoistway.

Landing levels are pre-engineered to the desired elevations. Grade level entry steps and a landing platform assembly is provided where required.

Tower is capped off with a penthouse to enclose the hoist works and service platform.


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