SWR - PF Features


Sidewall Return-PF Drag Conveyor for non-food grade conveyance

Sidewall Return™ Drag Conveyor for food-grade or non-food grade conveyance

  • Perfect Process
  • Gentle Handling
  • Fully Self Cleaning

SWR-PF Standard Features

  1. Self Cleaning Tail Design
  2. Bypass/Divided-flow inlet (used with finished product)
  3. Low profile inlet (used with fines and ingredients)
  4. Sidewall Return-PF Field ApplicationFull trough design with Side Wall Return™ paddle travel
  5. Patented chain design
  6. UHMW Paddles (white, food-grade)
  7. Reversing capability (when specified)
  8. Bolted, Clamped or Hinged Covers
  9. Flush-mounted intermediate Dischargers
  10. Incline, Inverse & Horizontal Bend Sections

SWR Construction and Finish Options

  1. Available in Carbon and Stainless Steel
  2. SMC Smoke or White paint (custom color-match available)
  3. Weld Finish; standard weld finish on inside and outside
  4. Optional food grade internal welds (fully ground welds with no pits or crevices)

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