SWR - WS Features


SMC's High Yield Waste Management Sidewall Return Drag ConveyorSWR-WS HIGH YIELD DRAG PROCESSING CONVEYOR

Sidewall Return™ Drag Conveyor constructed for food waste management applications.

  • Contained waste management
  • Continuous conveying with no obstructions

SWR-WS Standard Features

  1. Standard tail design with outboard pillow block bearings and bolted cover
  2. Nickel plated housing with black oxide insert
  3. Low profile inlet
  4. Head with Take-up design, outboard pillow block bearings and bolted cover
  5. SWR-WS High Yield Drag Processing Conveyor Field ApplicationReturn paddles travel above waste product for totally
        enclosed waste management
  6. Patented chain design
  7. White UHMW paddles
  8. Bolted lids


All food processing waste – animal, mineral and vegetable. Click on link at the left, Products We Move, to see a complete list.

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