SMC Bucket Elevator Features and Options

SMC Elevator Head Bucket

Elevator Head

  • Elevator Head
  • Structural steel drive and bearing frame protects head components.
  • External-mounted double roller bearings support the head pulley for long life.
  • Shaft seals trap suspended dust inside for cleaner operation.
  • Crowned and re-lagged head pulley ensures positive torque transfer and minimizes belt alignment adjustment.
  • Three inspection doors allow inspection without removing the enclosure bonnet.
  • Patented six-position atmospheric vent adjusts for bucket-induced turbulence.
SMC Bucket Elevator Intermediate Legging

Intermediate Legging

  • Automated machine fixturing and robot welding produces perfectly aligned leg casings without torsional twist.
  • Double well design reduces wind load (only on series SL20 or larger).
  • One legging section for each elevator has an inspection cover for easier belt and bucket installation.
  • Break leg section allows for a smaller boot pulley, lower position of the hoppers (only on series SL36 or larger).
SMC bucket elevator boot


  • Non-ferrous seal slides between boot housing and takeup plate to prevent corrosive seizing.
  • Lip seal around boot shafts help keep dust inside the boot.
  • Sealed roller bearings under the cleanout slide are easy to remove.
  • External mounted bearings support the boot pulley shalf.
  • Two screw-type adjustable takeups control belt alignment and tension.
  • Automatic, gravity-type belt takeups for belt tension control are standard on series SL48 models.
  • Inlet pocket options are on the upside, the downside, or both sides.

 SMC Bucket Elevator Self Cleaning Boots

Self-Cleaning Boots

  • The movement of the entire boot applies leg belt tension to maintain close clearance between the bucket and the round boot bottom.
  • Felt-sealed, telescoping leg sections allow the boot to act as the belt takeup.
  • The boot pulley may be adjusted vertically to fine-tune bucket clearance on the boot bottom.
  • Boot bottom hinges open for cleanout.
  • Design allows the leg assembly to be supported remotely from the boot, allowing free vertical movement of the boot housing.
SMC Bucket Elevator Bulk Material PVC Buckets

Bulk Material Handling

  • Molded polyethylene style-CC buckets are sized to the application.
  • Lightweight polyethylene provides excellent durability and wear.
  • Bucket is non-sparking.
  • Reinforced, static-conducting PVC belting is sized to the application.


  • Optional SMC motor and drive are sized to the application.
  • Choice of sprocket and chain (low-speed) or V-belt (high-speed) drives.
  • Fully enclosed guards protect chain and V-belts.
  • V-belt drives are sized by horsepower with a minimum of two belts.


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