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  • Paul Borders Celebrates 40 Years with Sidney Manufacturing




























    Paul Borders (left) and Jon Baker (right) conduct a sales meeting at the Holiday Inn in the 1970’s. Paul Borders (left) and Steve Baker (center) talk shop with Jace Fair of Electro Controls during SMC’s 50th Anniversary Open House, May 6, 2016.


    Ladies and Gentleman,

    October 11th marks the 40 year anniversary of Paul Borders first day at Sidney Manufacturing Company. Paul is one of the cornerstones to the steady growth and success of Sidney Manufacturing and we just want to take the time to recognize this great achievement and take a step back to look at all that has happened in his 40 year time with the company. 

    What life was like in 1976:

    Gallon of gas was $0.59 per gallon

    President of the United States was Gerald Ford

    Eagles release smash hit Hotel California

    Zenith 25” Color TV went on sale for $599.00

    Still years away from mainstream email
    and cell phones

    Paul was hired by Herman Baker (founder of Sidney Manufacturing) after the two of them and Jon (Herman’s son, Former President) had gotten to know each other at the ASME conferences and other trade shows. At the time Paul worked for Shelby Manufacturing (a competitor) and after Shelby had sold it made sense to make a move to a company within an industry that he was already familiar with. 


    Throughout the first 30 years, Paul had spent a lot of time on the road making sales calls, troubleshooting problems, developing relationships with Sales Reps, all the while serving with various positions on various committees including but not limited to: GEAPS and The Special Purpose Personnel Elevator Committee. Throughout that time Paul has met countless amazing 



    people and could tell you plenty of stories along the way. From losing his cell phone in a lake out in Washington, to accusing the staff at Saint Elmo’s Steak house of stealing his credit card while it was in his front pocket the whole time, and to many more that we have all heard and some we will never hear. It has certainly been a wonderful ride.


    In the last ten years Paul has spent quite a bit less time on the road. He and his business partner Steve (Herman’s Son, Current President) have continued to grow the business and use their almost CENTURY of combined experience in the industry to guide the company and their employees moving forward. 


    Paul currently resides in Florida with his wife of over 55 years Bonnie. He is the father of three daughters Dawn, Jayna, and Beth. He has 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Paul is an avid golfer, and is usually taking his clubs wherever he goes. 


    This doesn’t even come close to encapsulating all of what Paul has done while at SMC for 40 years and what he means to all of the people along the way. This is just a small way to recognize such an amazing accomplishment. 


    Thank you for an amazing 40 years Paul!

  • Tammy Schutte Joins SMC

    SMC is pleased to announce the addition of Tammy Schutte as Accounting/Human Resources Manager. Welcome, Tammy!

  • Carol Fetters Retires

    Carol Fetters, Comptroller and Human Resources Manager is retiring after 11-1/2 years with the company. We wish Carol the very best in retirement!

  • SMC on display during an episode of "DIRTY JOBS"

  • NEW ADDITIONS to The Side Wall Return Drag Conveyor

    More capacity in a lower conveyor height.









    We are introducing the WIDE additions to the SWR-9 & 12 models with increased capacities and lower heights.  

    The new models SWR-9-WIDE and SWR-12-WIDE are now available.  

    Please refer to the Comparative Capacity Charts under the Side Wall Return Tab.  Contact SMC for additional information.



    Two-Way Diverter Valve with Air-Operated slide gates for better cut-off and seal in each direction.


    All fabrication and welding is completed prior to the hot dip process so 100% of the exposed surfaces both inside and outside of the bucket elevator are covered with a thick coating of galvanize. No sheared edge or hole edges to rust.

    The process begins with an acid bath to chemically clean the metal surface, followed by a prefluxing operation to prevent oxidation prior to the dipping into molten zinc.

    Head, boot, trunking and accessories are then totally immersed into molten zinc at approximately 850 degrees F. This results in a formation of a zinc and zinc-iron alloy coating which is metallurgically bonded to the steel.

    After the bucket elevator is withdrawn from the galvanizing bath it is allowed to cool, inspected and excess zinc removed from places such as bolt holes and flange surfaces. Pulleys, shafts, bearings and optional items are then reinstalled prior to shipping.


    Sidney has added two major items to their line of “Special Purpose Personnel Elevators” to comply with the new requirements of the A17.1-2000 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. Shown in the above photo is the Sheave Brake as required by Rule Ascending Car Overspeed Protection Device. Also added in the control panel and hoistway wiring is the Unintended Car Movement Device as required by Rule

    In the event of an over speed of the car in the up direction the Sheave Brake will activate and pinch the hoisting cables between two friction pads stopping the movement of the car and counterweight. In the event the car should move more than 48” either up or down, away from a landing for any reason while either the car or landing door is open the Sheave Brake will activate and pinch the hoisting cables, stopping the movement of the car and counterweight. For more information contact SMC at 800-482-3535.

    Single Automatic Operation Push Button Control

    SMC has engineered, developed and successfully tested their Single Automatic Push Button Control for their Special Purpose Personnel Elevators. The standard control for the up or down travel is continuous-pressure operation, which means that you have to maintain constant pressure on the up or down push button and manually level the car. The Single Automatic Control has been successfully tested for months and is now available as an option. Definition of Single Automatic Operation per ASME A17.1-2007/CSA B44-07: “single automatic operation by means of one button in the car for each landing served and one button at each landing, so arranged that if any car or landing button has been actuated the actuation of any other car or landing operating button will have no effect on the operation of the car until the response to the first button has been completed.” The Sidney Single Automatic Operation Push Button Control has built in as standard the soft start and soft stop feature. Contact us for additional information.


    Shown in the photo above is the prototype SWR 48 Drag Conveyor designed to receive from trucks and elevate whole tomatoes and other like-size produce. The conveyor was successfully tested in August using Roma tomatoes grown in California and Ohio. The SWR 48 was manufactured simply by up-sizing the already patented design from our largest to date, SWR 24 and continues to be covered under the same U. S. and foreign patents.

    A unique side inlet was designed and installed to allow the conveyor to receive the tomatoes at a rate of 100 TPH under the return paddles. The City of Sidney helped by providing fire hoses and hydrant hook-ups so the tomatoes could be flushed out of the truck just as they are received at the actual processing plants.

    The test was done at the urging of one of our customers now using several Sidney SIDEWALL RETURN Drags in other applications throughout his processing plant.


    The above photo shows a Sidney SIDEWALL RETURN Drag Conveyor moving sweet corn silage out of a corn processing plant to awaiting trucks. The plant relies on the conveyor to operate 24/7 throughout the harvest. Previous attempts at conveying the silage out of the plant resulted in spillage which required many man hours of clean-up daily. By using the unique SIDEWALL RETURN Drag the silage is confined to the conveyor from the inlet to the discharge. Several of these 24" SIDEWALL RETURN drags are now in operation in corn plants in the Pacific NW.


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