All fabrication and welding is completed prior to the hot dip process so 100% of the exposed surfaces both inside and outside of the bucket elevator are covered with a thick coating of galvanize. No sheared edge or hole edges to rust.

The process begins with an acid bath to chemically clean the metal surface, followed by a prefluxing operation to prevent oxidation prior to the dipping into molten zinc.

Head, boot, trunking and accessories are then totally immersed into molten zinc at approximately 850 degrees F. This results in a formation of a zinc and zinc-iron alloy coating which is metallurgically bonded to the steel.

After the bucket elevator is withdrawn from the galvanizing bath it is allowed to cool, inspected and excess zinc removed from places such as bolt holes and flange surfaces. Pulleys, shafts, bearings and optional items are then reinstalled prior to shipping.

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