Shown in the photo above is the prototype SWR 48 Drag Conveyor designed to receive from trucks and elevate whole tomatoes and other like-size produce. The conveyor was successfully tested in August using Roma tomatoes grown in California and Ohio. The SWR 48 was manufactured simply by up-sizing the already patented design from our largest to date, SWR 24 and continues to be covered under the same U. S. and foreign patents.

A unique side inlet was designed and installed to allow the conveyor to receive the tomatoes at a rate of 100 TPH under the return paddles. The City of Sidney helped by providing fire hoses and hydrant hook-ups so the tomatoes could be flushed out of the truck just as they are received at the actual processing plants.

The test was done at the urging of one of our customers now using several Sidney SIDEWALL RETURN Drags in other applications throughout his processing plant.

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